For bikini and sensitive areas- no strips needed.

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    The moisturising and regenerative properties of the mix of Vegetable Oils in the wax make it ideal for the most delicate parts of the body. Enriched with vegetable charcoal.

    How to use:
    Turn the heater on to its maximum setting and melt the wax for approximately 25 min.
    Occasionally stir the wax until it has reached the proper consistency for application (just beyond the consistency of honey).
    Turn the heater on to working temperature (60 degrees).
    Clean the area to be waxed with RICA Pre wax.
    Apply the wax in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth.
    Allow wax to cool on skin until it becomes soft and pliable.
    Use fingers to gently lift one end of the cooled wax.
    Hold the skin taut and pull the wax off with one quick motion, parallel to the skin and in the opposite direction of hair growth (never use strips or pull wax of in a vertical direction.
    Remove any residual wax with RICA After-wax products.
    For best results of the treatment and to slow down hair re-growth we suggest using Avocado serum.


Body waxing is the most popular and favorite procedure
to get rid of excess hair by pulling them out with the entire hair root. As a result of professional waxing, your skin is smooth, beautiful and well-groomed,
after which the hair grows smaller and thinner. Learn more .