Premium honey wax without dyes for sensitive skin.

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    it has come to mean people who have allergic or irritant reactions to products mostly, but can also mean sometimes people who develop rashes in response to external environmental things such as plants or foods. RICA liposoluble waxes for sensitive skin use actives like Opuntia and Argan Oils, Aloe, Almond Oil with exceptional moisturizing, soothing and healing action. Furthermore, all these waxes as additional protection have a reduced stickiness on the skin.

    How to use:
    Place the cartridge in wax heater at maximum temperature level until a liquid consistency is achieved, then set the unit at the desired working temperature.
    Apply wax in direction of hair growth. Work in small sections until familiar with the procedures involved.
    Put on the non-woven strip and pressure it.
    Hold skin taut and pull off wax with one quick motion in opposite direction of hair growth keeping non-woven strip close to the skin as possible.
    Apply firm pressure to epilated area with the cushion of your fingers or palm of hand to calm skin.
    Apply RICA After-wax lotion to remove any wax residue and to condition and refine pores.


Body waxing is the most popular and favorite procedure
to get rid of excess hair by pulling them out with the entire hair root. As a result of professional waxing, your skin is smooth, beautiful and well-groomed,
after which the hair grows smaller and thinner. Learn more .