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    Brazilian wax- a high performance wax formulated for through bikini waxing. The formulation allows for thinner application of wax resulting in a less painful, more comfortable treatment.

    How to use:
    * Place container in wax heater at its maximum temperature level  until a caramel- like consistency is achieved then reset the unit at the desired working temperature.
    * Cleanse, then thoroughly dry the area to be epilated. Test the temperature of the wax before applying to the bikini area.
    * Apply a coat of wax in the direction of hair growth, allow wax to cool on skin until it becomes soft and pliable (approximately 30 seconds), hold skin taut, pull wax off one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth keeping hardened wax as close to the skin as possible.
    * Immediately after each removal, apply firm pressure to epilated area with the cushion of your fingers or palm of hand to reduce any discomfort. Apply RICA Avocado Oil liberally on treated area to remove any wax residue and to moisturize the skin.


Body waxing is the most popular and favorite procedure
to get rid of excess hair by pulling them out with the entire hair root. As a result of professional waxing, your skin is smooth, beautiful and well-groomed,
after which the hair grows smaller and thinner. Learn more .